Super Serious Play (SGA Annual Meeting 2020)


Abstract Archivists make difficult decisions. Each day we have faced choices that can impact our budget, community standing, and, most importantly, the scarce resource of time. Each day is different and brings new challenges. There are no easy ways to prepare for the uncertainty and difficulty of our work, but we can help our field better prepare for complex issues in the field. One effective way is through the use of simulations and role-playing in educating archivists. Simulations could help our field adapt to the many challenges we face and emphasize essential skills, such as empathy, managing change, and working with diverse communities. Clayton State has been using these approaches to help our students prepare for their archival and information focused careers.
During this session, participants will have the chance to try selections from an educational game designed to help archivists work through complex issues from multiple perspectives, including those of donors, archival leaders, and support staff. These mini-games will be a paired down version of the Super Serious University game created for the Clayton State Master of Archival Studies program to help students work through appraisal decisions. This session hopes to introduce participants to the game, its principles, and how game-based learning could help archives. Participants will be asked to provide feedback after the game in order to improve future versions of it.

Learning Goals